Dear founders, we have a new fund to support your dreams!

We love enterprise companies focused on transforming the way we work. We spend a lot of time looking at scalable infrastructure, intelligent collaboration tools, automated workflows and autonomous machines. You don’t have to have a strong thesis to chat with us, we have backed founders as early as before they even had a concrete idea and helped them find a direction. Our sweet spot is writing $1M-$3M checks with a range from $50K to $6M.

by Lan Xuezhao and Rhonda Allen, on behalf of Basis Set Ventures, and /dev/color

Communities of support are essential for women working in tech. The growth of organizations like Women in Product and All Raise over the last few years have amplified the voices of women from product teams to boardrooms. Building on this work, we are launching The Persistence publicly today, after being in stealth mode for years.

The Persistence is a community that strengthens connections between women leaders across a diverse set of senior roles comprised of founders and executives across the tech industry. The group was founded…

I started Basis Set Ventures a few years ago with the belief that machine learning would reshape the future of work by allowing companies and industries to operate better and more efficiently. To bring this vision to life, we’ve taken a fresh approach to investing that is informed by extensive research, powered by machine learning, and amplified by the unique experience across a hard-working and close knit team. …

Climate change presents an existential crisis for business owners. In a matter of hours, an unexpected weather event can spell the end for companies unable to cough up the cash to deal with damage. Even large enterprises share in the risk, with trillions of dollars of assets laying in the path of storms, fires and floods. To mitigate this risk we must understand it. With more data at our disposal than ever before, the timing is right to build new products that help businesses manage climate risk.

By land, sea and air, entrepreneurs and scientists alike are hard at work…

Learnings from launching products at Niantic and Google

Are you preparing your technology to scale for a product launch, Black Friday, or a major PR / marketing campaign?

A few weeks ago, we hosted one of our advisors Niniane Wang for a tech talk at our office. She shared lessons learned from being the VP Engineering at Niantic overseeing Pokémon GO and Harry Potter: Wizards Unite, CTO of Minted during numerous TV and viral consumer moments, and an engineering leader for a number of product launches on Gmail and other Google products.

Niniane shares lessons learned from launching Pokemon Go and Harry Potter: Wizards Unite

She covered topics such as:

  • Tips to make your loadtesting more representative of real traffic
  • Working…

It might be easy at first pass to succumb to the belief that the labor shortage is just another platitude of the technocrats — how can the robots take all the jobs from workers if workers don’t occupy the jobs to begin with?

But the labor shortage isn’t just a talking point, it’s a meaningful problem in the American economy, strangling industries from farm to factory. Fruit is rotting on the vines in Salinas . Factory owners are turning to Facebook groups to find welders in South Bend. …

BSV frequently hosts invite-only dinner discussions with leaders and innovators in a given industry; recently, we held a dinner that gathered entrepreneurs and innovators from the real estate tech sector to discuss the shared challenges and potential opportunities across the space. This post is a select recap of some of that conversation.

Shared challenges mean opportunity for innovation

One of the first pain points discussed was the home closing process, which can involve upwards of 15 stakeholders over the transaction lifecycle. Communication and coordination between these parties can be a hassle, presenting an opportunity for tech companies that can integrate…

It’s easy to take for granted the benefits of being a large enterprise; the sheer size and weight of corporate balance sheets offer a reprieve from many of the day to day fears of cashflow and fulfillment uncertainty that plague small and medium businesses of main street.

But to help these businesses, it’s going to take more than SaaS. Where large businesses benefit from dashboards and workflows, small businesses need solutions that mitigate risk entirely — either by offloading risk to third parties or finding creative ways to retain and contain risk.

We’re seeing emerging startups sit horizontally across industries…

In a previous post, we mentioned the private event we hosted to bring together women in startup operations and marketing. Overall, the dinner was a great success in terms of the quality of people, discussion, and engagement.

From our experience, the idea of hosting a large gathering that brings people together to share ideas is often exciting but can be challenging in terms of execution and actual impact. How do you get everyone talking? What should you be talking about? Here are some of our tips that played out well in a recent dinner of 27 women from across the…

Takeaways from a private dinner with a group of experienced startup executives

Last month, Basis Set Ventures and Olga Narvskaya organized a private dinner for women executives in technology, in partnership with First Republic Bank. As we surveyed our group’s roles and shared experience we centered on a guiding topic for the dinner: building and optimizing a successful team. For our group, this meant a combination of hiring well and positioning remote teammates for success. Given how universal this challenge is, we wanted to share some of the biggest takeaways from our ongoing Women in Tech dinner series.

How to overcome hiring challenges

For growth hires in early-stage companies, the advice from the group was to, first…

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