Dear Operators: Let’s invest and support founders from Day 1 to IPO

Advise through Hypergrowth (Lowest commitment, a few hours per quarter)

Invest alongside other operators (Low commitment, a few hours per month)

Become a Basis Set CXO or board partner (Moderate to high commitment)

  • Our CTO Niniane, the fmr VP of Engineering at Niantic, has helped us make investments in numerous companies, while advising us on technical diligence, and mentoring our technical team — which is now larger than our investment team! She sits on the board and advises companies like Serena & Lily, Rent the Runway and Walmart Labs.
  • Our CMO Sheila, the fmr VP of Growth and Marketing at Opendoor, sits on the boards of two of our core investments. Positioning herself as an operator at the forefront of new technology and growth strategies — and managing millions in revenue and spend — will allow her to better support portfolio companies and continue making stellar investments.
  • Our newest board partner and fmr COO Catherine, the fmr. COO of Shippo and CBO of Automattic, is already working with several of our portfolio companies. Catherine knows how to build and run high-functioning teams — growth, marketing, sales etc. She’s run operations for some of the most intricate businesses and she helps our founders level-up their companies for their next phase of growth.
  • We’re onboarding the CFO of a publicly traded company, recently listed on NYSE, who now sits on the board of one of our investments. His experience taking companies public is critical for companies going zero to IPO, and we are excited to help fill that gap for our portfolio companies.



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Basis Set Ventures

Basis Set Ventures

We invest in companies that harness the opportunities for artificial intelligence (AI) to improve our work lives