• Raúl Garreta

    Raúl Garreta

    Co-Founder & CEO at MonkeyLearn. Co-Founder at Tryolabs. Machine Learning professor and researcher. Entrepreneur. Science and Technology enthusiast.

  • Surya Ganguly

    Surya Ganguly

  • Amy Chou

    Amy Chou

  • Kurt Varner

    Kurt Varner

    Design Director at Dropbox. Advisor for startups. Rooting for the underdog.

  • Kris Vandenberk

    Kris Vandenberk

    Director Technology Industry at Agio Capital & Business Solutions | interests: #SaaS #AI #IoT #FinTech #blockchain #deeptech | Views are my own

  • Sean Byrnes

    Sean Byrnes

    CEO @outlierai, helping leaders become data driven. Founder of @FlurryMobile. Active Startup Advisor, Father, Volunteer, Artist.

  • Thomas Palomares

    Thomas Palomares

  • Heather Hartnett

    Heather Hartnett

    CEO @Human_Ventures, helping good Humans build in #NYC. portfolio cos: @reserve @current @HealthPaloma @tinyorganics @getlupii @ElektraHealth @ask_tia

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